Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New kits for 2016

April 12, 2016
Finally a new post has been added! first of all my mailing address is;
Tom Yorke
210 Pitch Lake Ct.
Roswell, GA 30076

     Lets get to some new news. The kits listed in this blog are still available from me except the Laundry which is available from Dennis Brandt on eBay. I will be listing some new kits next week which will be available to order from me starting on May 1st.
     The first kit to be offered in the new series is The Hillside Fueling Depot. This is a fully detailed resin kit. complete plans and instructions are included along with many color photos to aid in assembly. Gas pumps and decals are included. There are two tanks, one for Diesel and the other for gasoline. This is a perfect miniature for a shoreline or industrial railroad running internal combustion locomotives or speeders. all of the details of warn, warped wood are captured in the castings ready to paint. Full staining instructions are given to aid in finishing this fine model.
The Hillside Fueling Depot......................... $94.95
            Packing and shipping is $10 in the US. For foreign, please write for quote to
            tomyorke@ bell south.net.

     Home-Built Trailer
     This kit features all resin castings for a home-built travel trailer of the 30's. It is an easy to assemble kit  with complete plans and instructions along with painting instructions. This is a very versatile little kit. In addition to a travel trailer or tiny mobile home, it can be utilized as a business office for any number of businesses such as a car dealership, coal company, kitchen or any other small business building. Place it among other trailers in a small mobile home park or behind another main street store as further office or storage space.
Home-Built Trailer.................................$49.95
           Packaging and shipping for US delivery $10 or combine with another kit for a total of $10 shipping. Foreign shipping please write for quote.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Coming soon...

Here are a couple of shots of unfinished models I have in the works. The two story building will be produced by Dennis Brandt very soon. It is billed as a Chinese Laundry but is modeled after the Frijole Flats Police Station and Store. The other is a bus diner. This one I will offer myself in a strictly limited run edition of 5 kits! Also coming with the diner will be a Model A Ford Farm Truck conversion.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Apex Seed & Feed is Now Ready!!

     My new Apex Seed & Feed kit is now ready to ship. See immediately below. The price is $119.95 plus U.S. shipping of $10. Send a check to Tom Yorke 210 Pitch Lake Ct, Roswell, GA 30076 or PayPal amount to tomyorke@bellsouth.net, my PayPal account number. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

First of the new Farm Series is coming!

The first of a five kit series is coming next week. It's the Feed Store. This frame structure on a concrete base with brick piers under the small lean-to addition even comes complete with the gas pump. All of the signs shown are included as well as a small set of decals for an old truck used as a fresh egg sign copied from the original. The truck itself is not included. The kit features cast resin walls with all of the detail you've come to expect from a Yorke kit. The base and piers are cast Hydrocal and the roof is styrene. Full, detailed instructions are included along with painting and weathering instructions.

There will be four other kits available in this series to make a complete farm center for your town. The footprint of this first one is 6" by 11-1/2". Watch for our availability announcement coming in a few days...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Two new kits available...

     The Fix-It-Shop is now ready to ship along with the Hacienda. The Fix-It-Shop is a plaster kit with special cast resin details and signs. it features a short interior at the front with a cast resin rear reception wall. The ceiling is falling down and trash is thrown across the floor. It is for rent now. The Hacienda is a Frijole Flats kit from adobe (plaster). A special roof of cast, fully detailed, old tile is included along with special resin windows and doors. It features a special patio in front and an addition at the rear covered in corrugated roofing.
Mr. Fix-It-Shop............................. $89.95
Shipping for US is $15 Priority for either or both kits. Please write for foreign quote

Send check or money order to; Tom Yorke, 210 Pitch Lake Ct, Roswell, GA 30076
PayPal account; tomyorke@bellsouth.net

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Used cars for sale...

All of these cars and one truck are for sale. They are die cast 1/43 models refinished and weathered. The price for each of the vehicles is $125 post paid. They can be ordered from Tom Yorke, 210 Pitch Lake Ct, Roswell, GA 30076. Please check in to; tomyorke@bellsouth.net before sending any payment as these units are one off. The previous two vehicles are as follows: The first was a 1929 sedan and the second was a 1941 Ford Tudor sedan. This group shows a 1941 Plymouth truck with winch, a 1934 Sedan, the 1929 sedan again, a 1938 Buick, a 1941 Packard, the 1941 Ford Sedan, and the last two shots show a 1938 Sedan.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Stay tuned this weekend...

I will be posting a new StreetScenes kit and many "used cars" for sale. These are pre-weathered
 diecast models. Here are a couple to wet your appetite...